[uf-discuss] mailing list greatest hits

Benjamin West bewest at gmail.com
Sun Oct 22 18:37:35 PDT 2006

Yes, I was thinking of something like this.  We can think of a given
microformat as being at some place along a spectrum that ranges from:
not thought of, interesting/compelling, rejected, needs work,
documenting examples, brainstorming, "official", drafts, iterations...
and so on.  I agree that we should be capturing lessons learned from
discussions that don't always yield official microformats, or even
start new microformats, if only to prevent repeat conversations.

Chris, this should be included in
somewhere.  I believe this idea was touched on briefly by some others
as well, but it could use some fleshing out in the to-do area.  I
suggest using the to-do area to both flesh out ideas and build
consensus so we can get more people doing real wiki work. :-)

For now I've simply added:
The wiki should also capture wisdom that stems from discussions that
don't produce microformats.  For example, Chris Messina suggests a
"Best Of" page suitable for capturing this kind of wisdom.  I think we
can think of a given microformat as being at a place in a spectrum
that ranges from "not yet thought of", to "interesting but needs
work," or even "rejected", and of course including all the stages
familiar to the microformats processes (eg examples, brainstorming,
If there were such a page would it:
* Belong to a microformat? (eg hcard-bestof)
* or to the global namespace? (eg /wiki/wisdom/foobar-format)
(I think Chris Messina suggests that it belongs to a given
microformat, but then how do we collect wisdom from non-microformats?)


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