[uf-discuss] Advanced include pattern usage

Ben Ward lists at ben-ward.co.uk
Mon Oct 23 06:18:29 PDT 2006

On 23 Oct 2006, at 13:36, Brian Suda wrote:
>  I'm not sure exactly what you mean by
> should it be documented, maybe we are talking about two different
> things? There is a section about using the 'a' element.
> http://microformats.org/wiki/include-pattern#hyperlink_include_example
> If it is unclear and there needs to be a better explaination,
> examples, etc, please let us know.

The existing example documents use of an _empty_ A element as a  
marker for content to be included. In my example above, the A element  
is not empty and I'm expecting a parser to *replace* my inner text  
with the included element.

I guess it's the latter, ‘replacement’ behaviour that could be need  
to be explicit or exemplified, although re-reading I note that the  
OBJECT pattern above includes the sentence “the object include  
completely replaced by the subtree that it references”, which may be  
sufficient in the context of that page.

Thanks very much for the clarification Brian.


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