[uf-discuss] Mailing list debate moved & new proposal

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Tue Oct 24 12:43:21 PDT 2006

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<84ce626f0610241143x4de5b3cby4e3077ff7f5bfd85 at mail.gmail.com>, Charles
Iliya Krempeaux <supercanadian at gmail.com> writes

>And if people complained about too many of these tags (in the subject
>line).  And not being able to read the "real" subject, then you could
>just stick all your tags at the end of the subject.
>As in...
>   Re: [uf-discuss] Mailing list debate moved & new proposal [plain
>text] [tagging] [e-mail]

If we want new people [1] to come and participate then that's a lot to
ask then to take on board, at the beginning.

[1] do we?

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