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Lorenzo De Tomasi lorenzo.detomasi at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 12:02:16 PDT 2006

Some thoughts...

Why not to split hcard in two formats: person and group?
"Person" describes a physical person, like me, you or Dante Alighieri.
"Group" describes a group of persons, organized in companies,
associations, teams etc. and its a container of persons.

<div class="group">
 <h1 class="name">Microformats</h1>
<p><a href="mailto:microformats-discuss at microformats.org">
  <li class="person"><span class="fn n">Tantek Çelik</span></li>
  <li class="person"><span class="fn n">Lorenzo De Tomasi</span>,
<span class="role">information designer</span></li>
  <li class="person"><span class="fn n">…</span></li>

"Resource" describes a work, like a book, a web site, an article etc.

<p class="resource"><span class="author group name">Microformats
team</span>, <em>hCard specification</span></p>

and can be useful also for bibliographies [look at
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BibTeX ]:

<h3>Published resources</h3>
 <li><span class="author fn n">Lorenzo De Tomasi</span> e <span
class="author fn n">Katia Cassese</span>, <em class="title">Come
funziona il diritto d&rsquo;autore</em>, <span class="collection"><a
class="title" href="http://www.ilsecolodellarete.it">Isdr</a> n.<span
class="issue">0</span></span>, <a class="publisher"
href="http://www.ilsecolodellarete.it">Il secolo della rete</a>, <span
class="published adr city">Pisa</span>, <span class="published date"
title="2005_07">luglio 2005</span>.</li>
 <li><span class="author fn n">Lorenzo De Tomasi</span>, <a
class="title url"
bene comune: Commons, la condivisione della conoscenza</em></a>, <span
class="collection"><a class="title url"
Il mensile</a> n. <span class="issue">121</span>, <span
class="published adr city">Roma</span>, <span class="published date"
title="2004_11">novembre 2004</span>.</li>

Lorenzo De Tomasi
Designer della comunicazione

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