[uf-discuss] Value subproperty - only applies to non-structuredproperties, right?

brian suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Sun Oct 29 07:27:21 PST 2006

Costello, Roger L. wrote:
> Thanks Brian!
> The example you gave:
> <span class="n fn">
>         <span class="given-name value">John</span>
>         will be our speaker.  Mr. 
>         <span class="family-name value">Public</span>
> </span>
> raises a question - does the "value" subproperty (in this example)
> apply to "n" or "fn" or both?  The "value" subproperty doesn't seem to
> have any meaning for "n" in this example.  
--- this would ONLY apply to FN in this example because class="value" is
NOT a child of class="given-name"
> How does a tool know when a "value" subproperty applies to one
> property, but not another?
--- it would need to be a child of a property.
> It seems like there may be cases where it could be difficult to know
> what property the "value" subproperty is applying to.
--- i would say that it is pretty straight forward, if there is a value
property as a child of a property, then it is in use.

So something like the following:
<div class="fn nickname">You can call me <span class="value">brian

The class="value" applies to both the fn and the nickname. If this is
not was is intended, the you would need to be more explicit.

<div class="fn">You can call me <span class="value">brian <span

In this case, the class="value" only applies to the fn. The nickname
does not have any children elements that are class="value"

Does that make sense?

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