[uf-discuss] Value subproperty - only appliesto non-structuredproperties, right?

Costello, Roger L. costello at mitre.org
Sun Oct 29 09:17:57 PST 2006

Hey Brian,

You wrote:

>> <span class="n fn">
>>         <span class="given-name value">John</span>
>>         will be our speaker.  Mr. 
>>         <span class="family-name value">Public</span>
>> </span>
> --- this would ONLY apply to FN in this example because class="value"
> NOT a child of class="given-name"

But in the example class="value" is a child of both "n" and "fn",
right?  So why does "value" apply to "fn" but not "n"?

I "think" that the answer is this: "value" only applies to "leaf
properties".  "fn" is a leaf property, "n" is not.  That is, "fn"
doesn't have child properties, whereas "n" has child properties
(given-name, family-name, etc).  

So, is this the rule for "value" evaluation:

A "value" subproperty applies to the first ancestor leaf property (or
"properties", if there are leaf properties at the same level in the
ancestor tree).

Is that the rule?


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