[uf-discuss] Internet Explorer 8.0 will support microformats

Mike Schinkel mikeschinkel at gmail.com
Mon Oct 30 05:48:02 PST 2006

I've got a question about this.  To say IE8 will support Microsformats
doesn't make sense to me, unless they means it will support the Microformats
agreed to at the point IE8 is made feature complete.  But what about those
that come after?

Or, is this saying that IE8 will have a capability to process Microformats
abstractly so that new ones can be added after IE8 has shipped?  And if that
is possible, wouldn't it make sense for us as a group to go ahead and
specify a standard way to define that abstraction?

-Mike Schinkel
P.S. If this makes no sense it's because I haven't had enough sleep
lately... :)

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