[uf-discuss] Persons, Groups, Resources

Siegfried Gipp siegfried at rorkvell.de
Mon Oct 30 09:30:45 PST 2006

Am Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2006 08:53 schrieb Michael MD:
> > > > Why not to split hcard in two formats: person and group?
> > > > "Person" describes a physical person, like me, you or Dante
> > > > Alighieri. "Group" describes a group of persons, organized in
> > > > companies,
> wouldn't a "group" be similar to an "organisation" or "department"?

Why split hCard? Why not split XFN? The attribute value of "me" is already 
part of XFN. XFN only relates to single persons. It lacks relations to 

I already suggested that some months ago.

Additionally i'm currently working on a page describing how to use Dublin Core 
within microformats (or stand-alone microformats-alike). This page is more or 
less complete only in german, the english version has just started:

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