[uf-discuss] vote-for

Siegfried Gipp siegfried at rorkvell.de
Mon Oct 30 09:56:04 PST 2006

Limiting the vote-for relation to the rev attribute is not good. There are two 
different scenarios:

1. The link points to a resource which votes for THIS resource or contains 
some form or script or whatever to enable the user to vote for THIS resource, 
then the usage of the rev attribute is correct.

2. If a page contains a link to another resource, which contains some 
statement i would support, then the usage of the rel attribute is correct. 
For an example see my start page at http://www.rorkvell.de/
Down in the footer there are some badgets, two of them contain links to pages 
which i want to support, or so to say, which i vote for. The relation of my 
page (THIS resource) to the target is, that THIS votes for the target.

So using the rel attribute should not be prohibited. Better would be a 
clarification when to use what.

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