[uf-discuss] webdirections conference in Sydney, Australia

Serdar Kilic serdar at kilic.net
Mon Sep 18 21:56:54 PDT 2006

I attended last year and found it to be very wothwhile, this year though I'm trying to convince my manager to pay :)
It is a little pricey but its top notch!

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anyone here going to this?

I noticed that John Allsopp is doing a talk on Microformats there.

I'm still trying to decide if I'm going - I'd love to go and its a very rare
opportunity to go to something like this here in Sydney but the ticket price
is very high. I can't see how very many people in this part of the world
could afford such a high ticket price.

I guess people who are working for a large wealthy corporation might manage
to get their employer pay for it but for those of us who work in smaller
places where the money would have to come out of our own pockets it is a lot
of money.. probably about a three weeks worth of wages. (not including extra
workshops, etc)

...maybe its time we had a Barcamp or something like that here!

I might still decide to go .. but I guess I'll have to see how the money
situation is over the next week as it might leave me struggling over the
next month!

...also its Spring here... the festival season is starting! - Newcastle
Fringe Festival, Earthcore, etc.. all of this is going to need me to put
aside some money! ... :-)

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