[uf-discuss] a very early draft proposal hTagcloud

Drew McLellan lists at allinthehead.com
Wed Sep 20 05:44:44 PDT 2006

On 20/9/2006, "Stephen Paul Weber" <singpolyma at gmail.com> wrote:

>Considering the fact that many tagclouds are based on actual numerics
>(ie, 50 bookmarks on this tag), it might be nice to have access to
>that information further than just a rating.  imho, styling is not the
>microformat's job, the implementor can add extra classes or whatever
>to make that work if title isn't good enough for that.

It's true that styling is not the job of a microformat, but we must
seriously consider how it would be styled. If there's not a practical
way to style the tag cloud, no one will use it and we'd all be wasting
our time.


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