[uf-discuss] Avoiding duplicate data on one page; and same-page URL references.

Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 10:02:29 PDT 2006

On 9/20/06, Andy Mabbett <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> wrote:
> I feel that there should be some way to declare, at the start of the
> page, that all the events have the summary "WMBC Birmingham Branch field
> trip" and use the URL of that page - all data which is available to
> visitors to the latter page, albeit not once for each event.

--- You lost me on this? I think you are asking about transclusion
which we have already talked about being out of scope.

> I have in mind some kind of "meta-summary" and "meta-URL" tags.

--- it sounds like you are going down the road of invisible meta data.
If you expect to make this visible, then you can hange an ID on it,
and use the include-pattern.


brian suda

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