[uf-discuss] basic include pattern question

Ben Ward lists at ben-ward.co.uk
Fri Sep 22 05:09:01 PDT 2006

On 22 Sep 2006, at 02:26, Michael McCracken wrote:
> Should
> I just repeat the info that I want displayed?

Yes. The include pattern (both the OBJECT and rel-include variants)  
allows you to point a microformat to some other piece of data  
published already in the page, for the purpose of *not* repeating  
information. So for example, I could fix up my website with hAtom for  
blog entries, and rather than repeat my hCard in every entry, just  
use the include pattern to point to the fulll hCard in my sidebar  
each time (although hAtom has handling for that anyway, so that  
example is slightly mute).

Anyway, in situations where you want information to be included and  
displayed in the page it should be written directly as content. The  
include patterns in µf are for parsing when you *don't* want to  
display repeated data.


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