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>Andy Mabbett mumbled the following on 23/09/2006 17:25:
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>>>> the usefulness of a supporting uF may be questionable.
>>  P.S.
>>  Oh, that really is a joke. How on earth do you think garden centre
>> functions?
>I have no idea - uF are concerned with webpages, so you're real life
>example is going off track.

How on earth do you think an on-line garden centre functions? Do you
think that of someone asks via their contact form for a 'Sedum acre',
they throw their hands in the air, saying that such a term has no useful

>However as you seemingly want to go down this route, you have yet again
>highlighted an example where knowing a genus and species is only of use
>to those select few people (relative to the world) who work in a garden
>centre or who have a keen interest in horticulture.

Except that that's not a "select few" people, nor do you need a "keen
interest in horticulture" to refer to a plant by name.

I'll wager that there are more gardeners, and more plant names on-line,
than there are CVs (or "resumes").

And as to whether more people use plant scientific names, vs. referring
to their name as their "vn", well...

>I can't see how you can compare the usage that this knowledge presents
>to that of the usage of dates, currency, events, people, etc.

I see you select the commonest data types, and omit resumes, geo
references, tag-clouds (and other blog-related microformats), etc.

Then again, if you're going to insist that we only develop microformats
for data types used by virtually everyone, then development work will
soon cease to be necessary.
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