[uf-discuss] Tentative proposal for "What's New" listings

Stephen Paul Weber singpolyma at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 16:49:05 PDT 2006

For the first item, it didn't help that your page was not quite valid
however I think I have fixed it now anyway and got around that :)

The url must have the xn_auth=no in it (ning hosting), but I have
removed the stupid submit=Go, the feed validator seems to be accepting
it fine.

The second page seems to be coming through fine now as well.
According to my understanding of hAtom, the title of the <abbr> tag in
your page is the date and the contents is the title, which is how the
processor treats it.

Also, last time I checked RSS 2.0 required a full datestamp in that
format for pubDate... nothing else should be legal (although many
readers may accept it, just as my script will read most datestamps for
updated although hAtom specifies one specific one)

let me know if there's any other issues :)

On 9/25/06, Andy Mabbett <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> wrote:
> In message <mBJzJG+a5BGFFwq6 at pigsonthewing.org.uk>, Andy Mabbett
> <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> writes
> >>> >The first <http://xoxotools.ning.com/hatom2rss.php> is my site, I will
> >>> >look into making your requested tweak to the script :)
> >
> >>should be fixed :)
> >
> >Thank you. Viewing the feed for:
> >
> >        <http://www.westmidlandbirdclub.com/new.htm>
> >
> >using Sage (FireFox extension), I see seven entries
> It's less happy, though, with the feed for:
>         <http://www.westmidlandbirdclub.com/ladywalk/latest.htm>
> where the only entry it detects only the one for 8 September, with a URL
> - for the rest, it ignores them, and even for the 8th it ignores
> "entry-content".
> It's also taking the entry-title from the contents of the 'abbr' tag,
> rather than its title-attribute.
> For the "What's New page", it's taking the "published-date" of, say,
> "2006-09-16" and converting it to the overly-precise:
>         Sat, 16 Sep 2006 00:00:00 +0000
> I'm also not clear why your results are in the form (line breaks
> inserted for clarity):
>         http://xoxotools.ning.com/hatom2rss.php?xn_auth=no
>         &url=http%3A//www.westmidlandbirdclub.com/new.htm
>         &submit=Go
> and not, say:
>         http://xoxotools.ning.com/hatom2rss.php?xn_auth=no
>         &url=http%3A//www.westmidlandbirdclub.com/new.htm
>         .rss
> They certainly upset the RSS validator:
>         <http://www.feedvalidator.org/>
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