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Costello, Roger L. costello at mitre.org
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Hi Folks,

Would you help me understand how the geo Microformat gets automatically
injected into a Wikipedia page?

I took a look at one of the Wikipedia articles that Andy referenced:


The geo Microformat occurs at this point in the article:

... Belfast is situated at 54°34′0″ N 5°56′20″ W (54.5833333333,
-5.93888888889). A consequence of this latitude is ...

Note: The degrees-minutes-seconds lat/lon is a hotlink.

Here's how it appears in edit mode (i.e., here's the Wikipedia markup):

... Belfast is situated at {{coor dms|54|35|0|N|05|56|20|W|}}. A
consequence of this latitude is ...

Here's the HTML (i.e., here's what View Page Source of the article

... Belfast is situated at 
    <span class="plainlinksneverexpand">
        <a href="http://...?params=54.5833333333_N_5.93888888889_W_" 
             class="external text"   

             <span title="Maps, ... data for 54°34′0″ N 5°56′20″
                 <span style="white-space:nowrap">54°34′0″ N</span> 
                 <span style="white-space:nowrap">5°56′20″ W</span> 
                 <span class="geo" style="display:none">
                     (<span class="latitude">54.583333</span>, 
                      <span class="longitude">5.9388888</span>)   
    </span>.  A consequence of this latitude is ...

Note the use of two Microformats: rel-nofollow and geo. 

As I look at the above, I guess that: 

- {{coor dms|xx|xx|xx|...|xx|}} is the Wikipedia symbology for "invoke
the coor template, the coordinate is specified using
degees-minutes-seconds as follows: xx xx xx ..." 

- what Andy and Quarl did was to modify the coor template to inject the
geo Microformat

Is this a correct guess of how it works?

Is there an "adr template" in Wikipedia, so that the adr Microformat
can be automatically injected into Wikipedia pages?

Is there a way to create new templates?  Can we create a template for
hcard, vevent, and so forth?

Once again, great job Andy!


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>I've just added:
>Geo to Wikipedia's GeoTemplate:

>Work to add Geo to the individual articles is ongoing.

The later is now done - every singe Wikipedia article which publishes
coordinates (and that includes, cities, neighbourhoods, transport
stations, hotels, hospitals, mountains, museums, etc. etc.) using a
template (and there are many thousands) now includes Geo ;-)

Templates which use titles in the coordinate template will be attended
to shortly.

I'm indebted to Wikipedia user "Quarl" for working with me on the

Examples (showing a variety of formats and uses):




In a related project, I and others are working to add coordinates to
the articles, about places, which don't yet have them.

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