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Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Mon Apr 2 14:52:46 PDT 2007

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>Would you help me understand how the geo Microformat gets automatically
>injected into a Wikipedia page?

Firstly, the change has unfortunately had to be reverted, as it caused
problems for a script which uses the raw "wiki" text of the templates it
replaces. The technicalities are beyond me, but I hopeful that there
will be an early resolution. This despite widespread appeals for comment
before the change was made!


>Note the use of two Microformats: rel-nofollow and geo.

Wikipedia applies "rel-nofollow" to all external links; that's nothing
to do with the Geo deployment.

>I guess that:
>- {{coor dms|xx|xx|xx|...|xx|}} is the Wikipedia symbology for "invoke
>the coor template, the coordinate is specified using degees-minutes-
>seconds as follows: xx xx xx ..."

Pretty much.

>- what Andy and Quarl did was to modify the coor template to inject the
>geo Microformat

Quarl replaced (and redirected) "Coor d" (and "Coor dm" and "Coor dms")
with a new template "Coord".

>Is there an "adr template" in Wikipedia, so that the adr Microformat
>can be automatically injected into Wikipedia pages?

Not /yet/...

>Is there a way to create new templates?  Can we create a template for
>hcard, vevent, and so forth?

That's being looked at, but the situation is extremely complex, both
because there are a vast number of templates which contain addresses,
with no standardisation, and because there are a number of contradictory
and competing uses, including parsing of the raw wiki text. There is
hidden metadata, metadata entered twice, for different purposes, and
metadata entered with no formatting or sub-division (names, addresses,


Andy Mabbett

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