[uf-discuss] Simile Timeline and microformats

Jason Garber jason at sixtwothree.org
Tue Apr 3 10:53:29 PDT 2007

Jeremy Boggs wrote:
> Jason, do you mind if I add this to a history-brainstorming page?

Jeremy, please do!

> One thing I would like to do is present spans of time (e.g. <abbr  
> title="200701">January, 2007</abbr>) on the timeline. I tried to do  
> this with your code but couldn't get it to work. (I simply changed  
> one of the dates, and didn't change any of the javascript.) I look  
> more closely at what you've written to try to solve this, but if you  
> how to do this, that would be cool to add.

The JS is pretty brittle, so a date lacking the day at the moment will
cause problems. I need to work it out some more.

Note: It's been suggested this thread be moved to microformats-dev, so
I've posted my original message there and I imagine that's where further
discussion should take place.

jason at sixtwothree.org

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