[uf-discuss] Simile Timeline and microformats

Jeremy Boggs jeremyboggs at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 10:12:45 PDT 2007

On Apr 3, 2007, at 11:49 AM, Jason Garber wrote:

> Hi all, I've put together a quick-and-dirty demo for using Simile  
> Timeline [1] with a list of hCal events:
>    http://sixtwothree.org/simile/timeline-example.html
> I dug through the uf-discuss archives and didn't come across too  
> much talk of doing this. Simile Timeline is listed on the History  
> Examples page under Tools [2].

This is great! I've been thinking about how to do EXACTLY this in my  
spare time, so I'm very grateful you've made this. SIMILE and other  
timeline tools are listed at the history-examples page, to which  
myself and Andy have been adding. One of the things I wanted to do  
over the summer is create microformat-driven examples for each of  
those tools, in an effort to allow historians using those tools to  
also use meaningful, semantic HTML markup to present their data.

Jason, do you mind if I add this to a history-brainstorming page?

> I've got a ways to go with it (importing icons, photos, etc.), but  
> wanted to get community feedback on the work so far.

One thing I would like to do is present spans of time (e.g. <abbr  
title="200701">January, 2007</abbr>) on the timeline. I tried to do  
this with your code but couldn't get it to work. (I simply changed  
one of the dates, and didn't change any of the javascript.) I look  
more closely at what you've written to try to solve this, but if you  
how to do this, that would be cool to add.

I'll keep looking at it, but again, this is great!


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