[uf-discuss] "table headers inclusion method" & "axis"

John Allsopp john at westciv.com
Mon Apr 9 15:49:05 PDT 2007

Hi Andy et al,

On 10/04/2007, at 5:39 AM, Andy Mabbett wrote:

> In message <55B6C6FF-62FD-4812-A137-775E55EDAC52 at technorati.com>, Ryan
> King <ryan at technorati.com> writes
>>> Thee are a couple of references, on the wiki, to the "table headers
>>> inclusion method" and "axis" in tables, not least:
>>> Is it part of the spec for hCard, hCalendar, or any other
>>> microformats?
>> It's a proposed addition, but it's been low priority, because there
>> hasn't been much demand for it.
> ...perhaps that's because no-one knows about it; because it's not
> documented..?
> (Chickens and eggs would seem to be a topical simile!)

My book has a full rundown of the underlying HTML issues, and how it  
works in ufs.

An abbreviated version of this should be published as an article in  
Digital Web Magazine in the coming weeks.

Dmitry Baranovsky’s Conference Schedule Creator [1] generates code  
using the axis and headers approach.

Speaking from experience, anyone creating complex table based event  
timetables will save *a lot* of time and effort using this (and get  
nice typography into the bargain)


[1] http://dmitry.baranovskiy.com/work/csc/

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