[uf-discuss] "table headers inclusion method" & "axis"

Ryan King ryan at technorati.com
Mon Apr 9 20:40:58 PDT 2007

On Apr 9, 2007, at 12:39 PM, Andy Mabbett wrote:

> In message <55B6C6FF-62FD-4812-A137-775E55EDAC52 at technorati.com>, Ryan
> King <ryan at technorati.com> writes
>>> Thee are a couple of references, on the wiki, to the "table headers
>>> inclusion method" and "axis" in tables, not least:
> [...]
> Thank you for your answers, but...
>>> Is it part of the spec for hCard, hCalendar, or any other
>>> microformats?
>> It's a proposed addition, but it's been low priority, because there
>> hasn't been much demand for it.
> ...perhaps that's because no-one knows about it; because it's not
> documented..?
> (Chickens and eggs would seem to be a topical simile!)

You're probably right, the lack of documentation has not helped with  
adoption. If you understand the techniques, I encourage you to  
document them.


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