[uf-discuss] software for event promoters - hCalendar/hCard

Michael MD mdagn at spraci.com
Sat Apr 14 21:26:03 PDT 2007

I'm thinking about creating a list of recommented software for event
promoters/organisers to use on their websites so that they can submit their
listings to listings sites for aggregation.

If anyone knows of any existing calendar scripts or CMS modules (or are
working on any) that use hCalendar markup for listings (preferably with
hCard for the city/country of each event - actually that is a bit of a
must-have!) let me know!

I'm especially looking for software an event promoter can easily install
and use without requiring much knowledge of web development,html,xml,etc
It also must not require anything not available to a typical event promoter
(who is likely to be using a shared ISP hosting environment - so if root
access on a server is required to set it up or install libraries it requires
that are not already provided in a typical shared hosting environment it is
not really suitable).

I have been trying to encourage event promoters to publish events in
machine-readable formats for over a decade,
but it is only in recent years that emerging standards are making it more
feasable beyond custom applications.

I'm not aware of anything other that hCalendar (together with hCard or
possibly geo) which provides a way for people to mark up the city/country
with the event, but there could be other things out there.
(cities/countries are not covered by any rss+event or iCal implementations
I've yet seen but are much needed for this purpose and hCal seems the best
way to go for this - however I will also consider other formats if they
include markup for city/country)

I'm trying to encourage more event promoters to syndicate events from their
own websites but need to find suitable tools to recommend to them.

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