[uf-discuss] changing abbr-design-pattern to title-design-pattern?

Jon Gibbins (dotjay) dotjay at november5th.net
Mon Apr 30 17:20:16 PDT 2007

James Craig wrote:
> Uses title value:
> <span class="dtstart useTitle" title="2007-03-27T12:00:00-06:00">Noon 
> Central</span>
> Does not use title value:
> <a href="http://example.com/" class="fn org url" title="Visit the 
> company web site!">Widgets, Inc.</span>
> Thoughts?

In discussing this elsewhere, I've argued that the datetime is meta 
information meant for machines that is related to a human-readable date 
and thus shouldn't be in a title attribute.

We can use rel on links, but could rel be used to permit something like 
this on a span:

<span class="dtstart" rel="datetime:YYYYMMDDTHHMMSSZ+HHMM">DD Month</span>

I'm guessing not, due to invalid characters.

An alternative would be to reference a unique meta element in the 
document head.



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