[uf-discuss] Microformats in Google Maps

Rob Manson roBman at MobileOnlineBusiness.com.au
Wed Aug 1 23:43:12 PDT 2007

Hi Michael,

I think that's absolutely right for general address details on web pages
or in web based systems.  I know a lot of the Telco and DSL provisioning
systems I've worked on even have this problem.

But I don't believe that this is the case for the address/geocode
database that Google use...

BTW: I think my last email got bounced so I'll paste it in here to be

Hi Gregor,

I just followed the tinyurl link that Andy Mabbett posted to the list
which lead to a Google Maps search:


Then did a "view selection source" on the address in the left hand

Hope that helps...

Rob Manson

On Thu, 2007-08-02 at 11:42 +1000, Michael MD wrote:
> >
> > So it appears that none of the address sub-elements are being classified
> > at all, just simply poured into the adr td and broken up with br's.
> >
> > To be parsed they should be wrapped in classified elements like the
> I'm not surprised at all to see this kind of thing out there.
> There are a lot of cases where people may have freeform text addresses and 
> wish to mark them up somehow...  - especially where there is a lot of 
> user-entered or legacy data (Google would have plenty of both!)
> There are no reliable automated means of splitting such freeform text into 
> the seperate elements required by hcard and to expect everyone to manually 
> re-enter everything is definately asking too much!
> Freeform text addresses might not be good for conversion to hcard/vcard but 
> can still be very useful to humans!
> - it seems obvious to me that people out there (regardless of what anyone 
> says) will try to stick them in adr somehow!
> Perhaps we do need some way to mark up such addresses so that there could be 
> export tools that give the user options to split them?
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