[uf-discuss] uF's on stand-alone phone numbers.

Alexander Mayrhofer axelm at nona.net
Thu Aug 23 09:30:03 PDT 2007

André Luís wrote:
> I know it's not a microformat/nanoformat per se, and it's a technique
> for mobile web, maybe it's interesting for the discussion at hand:
> -----------------------------
> [Turn telephone numbers into links that start a phone call]
> Practice: There are two ways to implement one-click phone calls:
>  <a href="wtai://wp/mc;+39393939777778">+39 393939777778</a>
> or
>  <a href="tel:+39393939777778">+39 393939777778</a>

Hmm.... "tel:" is a standardized URI scheme (IETF approved, RFC 3966),
specifically for telephone numbers while the "wtai:" URI scheme is not
registered with IANA, so i suppose that is some proprietory scheme by a
VoIP software vendor. like "skype", "callto", etc.. etc..

I'd strongly suggest to use a "tel" URI scheme for phone numbers - that's
the one that is standardized, and using it will ensure a minimum level of

(The URI scheme registry is at http://www.iana.org/assignments/uri-schemes.html)


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