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Kevin Marks kevinmarks at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 16:16:37 PDT 2007

Conceptually vcard has multiple mailing addresses and one current location:

Type name: GEO

   Type purpose: To specify information related to the global
   positioning of the object the vCard represents.

   Type encoding: 8bit

   Type value: A single structured value consisting of two float values
   separated by the SEMI-COLON character (ASCII decimal 59).

   Type special notes: This type specifies information related to the
   global position of the object associated with the vCard. The value
   specifies latitude and longitude, in that order (i.e., "LAT LON"
   ordering). The longitude represents the location east and west of the
   prime meridian as a positive or negative real number, respectively.
   The latitude represents the location north and south of the equator
   as a positive or negative real number, respectively. The longitude
   and latitude values MUST be specified as decimal degrees and should
   be specified to six decimal places. This will allow for granularity
   within a meter of the geographical position. The text components are
   separated by the SEMI-COLON character (ASCII decimal 59). The simple
   formula for converting degrees-minutes-seconds into decimal degrees

        decimal = degrees + minutes/60 + seconds/3600.

   Type example:


On Aug 24, 2007 4:05 PM, Edward O'Connor <hober0 at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> Sorry, I wasn't specific enough. I can have multiple ADR's per hCard
> >> but if I want to add geo information to the hCard they must be
> >> separate. Currently, hCard only supports 0 or 1 instances of geo in an
> >> hCard.
> >
> > I would too, but someone else may know of a good reason for limiting it
> > to one geo per hCard.
> The limitation comes from vcard, so hcard can't do much about that.
> Ted
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