[uf-discuss] Nested Microformats and Operator

Jason Calabrese mail at jasoncalabrese.com
Mon Aug 27 15:22:13 PDT 2007

I've recently started to look into using some microformats on one of my 
projects and have been playing with Operator to get an idea of how they are 
being used elsewhere.

Operator is a great way to see what microformats are contained on a page, but 
I think it might confuse the average user when a page contains a lot of 
nested data using core microformats such as hCard, adr, hCalendar, etc.

For example on a LinkedIn public profile:

You see 1 hResume, 1 adr, 10 hCard's, and 7 hCalendar's.

In this case all the hCalendar events are from the experience part of the 
resume.  I don't see any use for adding these to Google Calendar or exporting 
them.  Also 9 of the hCard's wouldn't make sense to export or add to Yahoo 
Contacts since they contain only very basic information.

An other example is a Google Maps search.  In this case each result produces a 
hCard and contains an adr.  Ideally these would be combined and shown as 
Contacts with addresses. Then each contact could be exported or viewed in 
Google or Yahoo maps.

Have these types of issues been discussed before?  Is there a way that a user 
script can hide nested data?

I understand the value of reusing the core microformats and creating composite 
microformats.  I think that in many cases users will want to interact with 
the primary composite format while still preforming actions based on the 
nested content.

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