[uf-discuss] Microformats UI in Firefox 3

Alex Faaborg faaborg at mozilla.com
Mon Aug 27 21:39:26 PDT 2007

Sorry for the long delay in posting an update to this thread, we are  
still working on finalizing the UI for interacting with microformats  
in Firefox.

Here is something Mike Beltzner, Mike Kaply and I have been  
considering for microformat handling in Firefox 3, in terms of the  
content area.  We would like to propose a way for content authors to  
add actions to their microformats, without having to worry about  
backwards compatibility.  For instance:

<div id="hcard-Alex-Faaborg" class="vcard">
  <span class="fn">Alex Faaborg</span>
  <div class="org">Mozilla</div>
  <div class="adr">
   <div class="street-address">1981 Landings Dr. Building S</div>
   <span class="locality">Mountain View</span>
   <span class="region">CA</span>
   <span class="postal-code">94043</span>
   <div class="user-action" style="visibility:hidden">Add to Address  

The last class is new:
   <div class="user-action" style="visibility:hidden">Add to Address  

The text "Add to Address Book" is hidden by default, unless the  
browser (or an extension) recognizes user-action, in which case the  
text is rendered as a hyperlink, and clicking it sends the structured  
data in the hCard to the user's address book.

user-action is just an example of what we could call this class, it  
seemed to make sense.  Also instead of a hyperlink the author could  
use an image, like Wolfgang's icons (http://factorycity.net/projects/ 

This is a bit of a hack, but it is also considerably easier than  
asking the author to write javascript to check navigator.userAgent,  
know which browsers handle microformatted content (and subsequently  
update this as it changes), and then display the link accordingly.   
Also, I'm interested in allowing user generated microformatted  
content to be added to blogs and wikis where javascript is not  
commonly allowed.

Since this is something we are thinking about for microformat  
handling in Firefox 3, we would really like to get feedback from the  
uF community before we consider implementing it.


On Aug 1, 2007, at 11:40 AM, Alex Faaborg wrote:

> Mike Beltzner, Mike Kaply and I are going to try to finalize the  
> user interface for interacting with microformatted content in  
> Firefox 3 this week, possibly later today.
> If anyone has any last minute suggestions or thoughts, please post  
> them soon.  I'll also update this thread with mockups of what we've  
> decided on so we can get feedback on the proposed interface.
> -Alex
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