[uf-discuss] Nested Microformats and Operator

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Tue Aug 28 04:22:39 PDT 2007

In message <002a01c7e934$88a2a480$116bacca at COMCEN>, Michael MD
<mdagn at spraci.com> writes

>> Should there be a way for people to have this information but not make
>> it available
>> as a vcard or vevent?
>or a way to tell what kind of thing the vevent or vcard represents?
>(so that a parser can work out how it should be displayed based on
>criteria chosen by the user)

Yes; greater granularity is good.

>I think there may be another similar problem with using hCalendar data
>with nested hCards or adr's.
>Is a nested hCard or adr or geo in a vevent for the venue/location of
>the event
>or is it for the organiser of the event
>or for someone attending the event?

Consider hCalendars, with class="location vcard" for the event's venue.
It's the job of parsers to distinguish between such hCards, and, say,

        class="attendee vcard"

        class="organizer vcard"

(I note that "attendee", "contact" and "organizer" are listed in the
hCalendar spec, but not the cheat-sheet. Do any current parsers
recognise them? Should we also have a "speaker" or similar class?

Andy Mabbett

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