[uf-discuss] Nested Microformats and Operator

Jason Calabrese mail at jasoncalabrese.com
Tue Aug 28 08:42:53 PDT 2007

I'm going to reply to a couple of posts:

> Only if that's a user-configurable option, please. Some of use Operator
> for debugging.

I think the debug mode should always show all the available microformat 

> A parser could provide the ability to extract just the top-level elements.
> The other elements could be accessed from a tree view, if you're looking
> at an overall structural view.
> If you're looking at hcards, they could be notated to indicate which
> ones are embedded and which ones are not.

I like the idea of using a tree view.  It seems like the presentation of 
nested elements should determinded by the user scripts for the composite 

For example the hResume script could some tell Operator not to show the nested 
hCard's and hCalendar events and then display the nested data in a tree like 
structure if it make sense to display the nested elements.  This way the 
contact hCard of an hResume would be displayed as a nested menu item if you 
are using the toolbar, but the other hCards and vevents wouldn't be 

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