[uf-discuss] Microformats UI in Firefox 3

Pelle W mejllistor at kodfabrik.se
Tue Aug 28 04:53:23 PDT 2007

André Luís skrev:
> One thing I need someone to clarify:
> Is that  div.user-action inserted by the user-agent, in this case,
> Firefox 3? Or do the authors have to include that code on their pages?
> This wasn't very clear to me...
I've understood that it's inserted by the web developer to enable 
him/her to implement the Microformat-actions in their own designs and 
it's suggested that the class "user-action" should be used to indicate 
that something is meant to be a link to such an action.
> On 8/28/07, Andy Mabbett <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> wrote:
>> In message <694BBF6E-7DC6-477A-8618-E1721FDA4441 at mozilla.com>, Alex
>> Faaborg <faaborg at mozilla.com> writes
>>> The last class is new:
>>>  <div class="user-action" style="visibility:hidden">Add to Address
>>> Book</div>
>>> The text "Add to Address Book" is hidden by default, unless the browser
>>> (or an extension) recognizes user-action
>> ...or unless the user agent has no CSS functionality available.
>> Is that "degrading gracefully"?
What I don't understand in thate example is that the "user-action" is 
applied onto a div which doesn't contain any links or buttons. An action 
is most often initiated by clicking on either a link or a button. Will 
the browser add such a control? If so the control over the design won't 
be completely handed over to the designer which it should be.

Another problem might be that the browser will be changing the 
visibility property because that disables the designer from turning of 
the action-div's visibility. For example - the designer wants the 
action-button/link to only be shown when you hover over the hCard it's 
connected to, therefor the designer hides it by setting the visibility 
property to hidden and changing it upon hover. If the browser then 
changes the visibility the design won't look like it was intended to.

If a class is to be used it should only connect an action and not add 
anything or change anything about the site.

/ Pelle W

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