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Manu Sporny wrote:

> There are really two questions that we're attempting to answer here:
> 1. Can we make screen readers not read the @title, of whatever element
>    we choose, out loud?
> 2. Do we care that "PT2M23S" will appear if the person browsing hovers
>    their cursor over the text denoting the duration, if that is the only
>    way we can successfully utilize ISO standards in the Microformats
>    community?

>I think it's clear that with a bit of testing we can find a markup 
>pattern, albeit not necessarily a pretty one, where human-hostile data 
>is not read aloud or shown on hover.

I'm a bit concerned that if important machine readable data is completely
hidden, people will forget to update it when they update the page.
I thought that is one of the reasons title was chosen in the first place.
(showing it on hover in many browsers would act as a reminder for authors to
update it)

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