[uf-discuss] Possible vCard Revision; CalConnect involvement

Dave Thewlis Dave.Thewlis at calconnect.org
Tue Dec 18 13:03:31 PST 2007

My apologies if you get this twice.  I am not sure if it went out the 
first time I sent it.

I'm Dave Thewlis, the Executive Director of CalConnect - The Calendaring
and Scheduling Consortium.

Andy Mabbott suggested that I cross-post to this list as there are
people in the microformats world interested in vCard (and in
calendaring, for that matter).  Unfortunately I managed to space doing
it until just now.  Fortunately, I have something additional to add to
the post that prompted Andy's suggestion.

The subject is a revision to the vCard specification to be undertaken by
the IETF, and whether CalConnect will undertake a technical committee to
do use cases, requirements, promotion, interoperability testing, and the
likem in support of that work.


(1) Here is my posting to the CalConnect lists that prompted Andy's
suggestion, dated November 5th:

Seven weeks ago we held our vCard workshop.  Two of the outcomes were

(a) that Chris Newman from the IETF thought he saw strong enough support
for doing a revision of vCard that he was going to start movement in the
IETF towards a working group to this end, and

(b) CalConnect would initiate a vCard Technical Committee IF it could
find resources to support the committee.  This essentially meant new
people from existing members and/or people from new members, as the
current volunteers are pretty well maxed out.

CalConnect was to post a draft charter for a  vCard TC on the
vcard-workshop-l list (the public list we set up  to support the
workshop).  Interested parties were encouraged to offer help, either on
the vcard-workshop-l list, or directly to me.

If we could not find anyone to do the work (usecases, requirements,
possibly IOP test development, and promotion) then there was no point in
going forward.

The draft charter was posted a month ago.  There were two replies.
Since then nobody has said anything especially about volunteering to help.

Therefore, this e-mail is a "final" call for action.  If you or your
organization is interested in actually seeing something positive happen
about a vCard revision, *please* speak up - on the vCard-workshop-l
list, or to me - and let me know.  We need a few TC participants.  And
we need some organization to step up and offer a Chair for the TC.  And
we could use a person or two to help with writing whatever documents we

Here is a chance for an organization with a serious interest in seeing
something good happen with vCard and who isn't a member to step up, get
involved, and take a leadership role.

But if you are interested, if you can help, if you can just attend the
occasional call and read a document, let us know.  Even if you are an
existing participant, if you think you could put a bit of effor into
this, we wouldn't deny you the opportunity :-)

If we do NOT get any responses, then we must conclude that there is
still not enough interest to actually do something about a vCard
revision -- and we will table the idea.

Hoping to hear from you!


(2) Here is a follow-on posting from yesterday, December 16, on the
current status of vCard issues:

The IETF has approved a charter for a vCard Working Group and sent it to
the IESG for approval, and work has begun on updating and republishing
the existing vCard draft.  This means that there should be a vCard
Working Group initated, or a vCard BOF, at the March IETF meeting, with
documents to consider.

In turn, this means it is time for CalConnect to start forming its vCard
Technical Committee to inform the IETF working group.  A proposed
charter for this TC was circulated on the vcard-workshop-l list some
weeks ago, and may be found at the following URL (near the bottom of the


We have had some interest expressed in working on this issue from
CalConnect members and from others, and it's time to decide what we are
gong to do going forward.

*We plan a public (open to members and nonmembers) conference call for:

Friday, January 11, 2008 at 1100-1200 Eastern (0800 Pacific, 1600 U.K.,
1700 CET).

Call-in information:

Phone #:  +1 605  990 0100
Confid:     879307#*

Please join us on this call if you are interested in seeing the vCard
specification move forward.  We'll talk about current status since the
workshop, the charter we have proposed, and plan to identify
participants for a CalConnect Technical Committee to work in conjunction
with the IETF WG.

Please feel free to pass this e-mail on to others who would be
interested in the subject, and encourage them to attend.


So we are going to have that call on Friday, January 11th, and anyone
interested in vCard is welcome to attend.  Meantime, you are also
welcome to join  the vcard-workshop list mentioned above:  see


This list might be reincarnated with a different name but the same
subscription list going forward; we'll see after the January 11th call.

And finally, if you are interested in calendaring, please take a look at
the CalConnect website and what we're doing.  Right now we don't really
have any participation from the Microformats domain, but hopefully that
can change going forward.

Hope to hear from you!

Best Regards,

Dave Thewlis

*Dave Thewlis, Executive Director
Calconnect - The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium*
+1 707 840 9391 (voice) · +1 707 498 2238 (mobile)
http://www.calconnect.org · Dave.Thewlis at calconnect.org
<mailto:Dave.Thewlis at calconnect.org>

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