[uf-discuss] Intro to semantic web (video)

Manu Sporny msporny at digitalbazaar.com
Tue Dec 25 12:57:07 PST 2007

Happy Holidays, all :)

I've had a hard time explaining what the semantic web is about in a
concise manner over the past several months, so I decided to focus on
answering that for people that don't really know much about the web.

I spent the last couple of days playing around with the video creation
suites in Linux (Blender, Cinelerra, Gimp, xvidcap and a borrowed wacom

Here's the result of a couple of hours of mucking about - does this
explain what the semantic web is all about? Is it simple enough? Too
simple? Too long? Too short?


The entire thing, including all source material, is under a Creative
Commons Attribution-Share-Alike license (including remixing and
distribution). All source material is available here:


-- manu

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