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Jeff McNeill jeff at jeffmcneill.com
Mon Dec 31 01:52:34 PST 2007

Happy holidays,

Why not just mark up the A. in first name and N. in middle name?
Realizing that the full names are not given, initials can be place
holders in the meantime. I believe this is how citation systems
largely use initials.

Jeff McNeill

On 12/30/07, Andy Mabbett <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> wrote:
> In message <18050cf90712301909g1add27u2814f3e740d0adda at mail.gmail.com>,
> Paul Wilkins <pmw57 at xtra.co.nz> writes
> >On Dec 31, 2007 11:38 AM, Andy Mabbett <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk>
> >wrote:
> >> I have a need to mark up some people's names, which are given as
> >> initials only, and where the full names for which those initials stand
> >> are not known. For example, "A. N. Other".
> ><snip>
> >> In the absence of an "initials" property, how would you mark up such a
> >> name, in an hCard?
> >
> >How would you enter the information into an address book? You would put
> >"A. N. " as the first name, or even "A." for the first name and "N." as
> >the additional name.
> While one of your two proposals - probably the former - may be the best
> possible solution, given the current hCard spec, I specifically said in
> my full e-mail that it was not known, in this example, whether the
> person's "given name" was (say) "Adrian" or "Nigel".
> There is no "first name" attribute in hCard or vCard.
> >No other special stuff is required.
> The above issues aside, "A" is neither a first nor a given name. It's an
> abbreviation for one or other such a name, which remains unknown.
> Indicating that "A. N." are initials, and not names, would add semantic
> specificity.
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> Andy Mabbett
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