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Mon Jan 1 12:37:43 PST 2007

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>> >The xfolk version could look like this:
>> >
>> ><div class="xfolkentry">
>> >  <a class="taggedlinked" href="">check this out!</a>
>> >  (<a rel="tag" href="">NSFW</a>)</div
>> That would also tag the *linking* page as "NSFW".
>> (In fact, that seems to be an issue with xfolk in general...)
>Actually I'd say this is an issue with rel-tag in general, you'd have
>similar problems with hreview and with any uF that employs rel-tag.

Indeed. It was suggested that "deceased" be used as a tag in hCards, in
lieu of a date-of-death field.

Suppose Sue publishes a family tree as a series of web pages, one for
each person.

On her own page, she has:

        Title: Sue Smith

        Jane                            Fred

with an hCard for each person. If they tag Fred as "deceased", then
they, too, are shown as deceased. Not good.

Andy Mabbett

                        Merry Bloomin' Christmas!

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