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Wed Jan 3 02:31:26 PST 2007

On 1/1/07, Andy Mabbett <andy at> wrote:
> In message <200701012003.l01K3B07014249 at>, Eran
> <limbo at> writes
> Suppose Sue publishes a family tree as a series of web pages, one for
> each person.
> On her own page, she has:

>         Title: Sue Smith
>         Jane                            Fred
>            |_____________.______________|
>                          |
>                         Sue
> with an hCard for each person. If they tag Fred as "deceased", then
> they, too, are shown as deceased. Not good.

--- i´m not sure how you came to that conclusion? certainly
aggregators would mark that the page is "about" the term "deceased"
but it wouldn´t make an assumption about individual hCards? and
depending on the mark-up if Sue is NOT nested inside Fred´s hCard,
then there is a distinction between where/what/who the rel-tag is

We are dabbling in theoretical territory, do you have a page that has
been marked-up somewhere and that page is being misinterpreted by
aggregators and parsers? if so please let us know so we can help
diagnose the problem.


brian suda

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