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Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Wed Jan 3 13:59:16 PST 2007

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>On 1/1/07, Andy Mabbett <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> wrote:
>> The 'wiki' page on xFolk:
>>         <http://microformats.org/wiki/xFolk>
>> says:
>>         "If you need to define tags as part of a more specialised
>>         format, rel="tag" is the recommended way to do so, and xFolk,
>>         hReview, hCard and hCalendar all do this."
>> Yet there is no mention of this, that I can find, on any of the
>> hCalendar pages.
>> Is its application to hCalendar documented, somewhere? Indeed, is it
>> true, or is it just wishful thinking?
>--- the hCard wiki pages are more complete than the hCalendar ones.
>Most of the hCalendar documentation has not been completed yet, so you
>should not assume it is finished yet.

And yet hCalendar is listed as a full spec on the main page, not a

> The categories in hCalendar work
>in a very similar fashion to the hCard, using rel="tag" along with

Thank you. Are they free form, or is their a set list to choose from?

>The presents of a rel="tag" attribute and value help parsers to
>determine WHERE to extract the data from. (if this is a topic of
>interest/confusion please email the dev-list)

It is, but I'm not a parser developer - so am I allowed to do so?

>> Similarly, the only reference to it on the hCard pages, seems to be:
>>         <http://microformats.org/wiki/hcard#Tags_as_Categories>
>> with no mention in the examples or on the cheat-sheet.
>Which cheat-sheet are you talking about? the wiki, the PDF at
>ilovejackdaniels.com or the one at suda.co.uk? We now have several to
>choose from and keep uptodate and in sync.

I was referring to the cheat-sheet on the 'wiki' which I thought was in
sync with your PDF - I see now that that is not the case.

>If you are referring to the one at suda.co.uk, then which microformat
>are you referring too? the hCalendar example DOES have a
>class="category" and a rel="tag", but the hCald only has
>class="category". According to the wiki, the rel="tag" portion "can
>optionally be represented by tags with rel-tag", so the cheat sheet is
>not incorrect, but at the moment only represents ONE way of encoding

What other ways are there?

>I am open to suggestions on how to possibly represent the whole rel
>attribute as optional,

Do the current indicators not allow for that? Otherwise, would a
footnote suffice?

>but again, the cheat sheet is not an "end-all
>be-all" for representing microformats. It is a cheat sheet not a spec.

Indeed. Where is the definitive, canonical and unambiguous hCalendar

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