[uf-discuss] hCalendar include: check, please (inc. possible bug in Operator extension)

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Sat Jan 6 16:34:42 PST 2007

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Calvin Yu <csyu77 at gmail.com> writes

>> I have used two includes, for location and summary, in the hCalendar of
>> the first event on:
>>         <http://www.westmidlandbirdclub.com/kidderminster/indoor.htm>
>> (styles are in-line, only during development)
>> but it's not recognised by neither Tails or Operator; the latter says
>> its invalid, but gives a blank dialogue box when selected. Nor does the
>> "Almost Universal" parser find the summary or location of that event.

>My understanding is that the class value of the include element should
>be 'include', and the actual value class should be in the referenced
>element.  At least that is what Tails is looking for.

Thank you.

I've amended the page to that effect and it seems to work in Tails, but
not in AUMP nor Operator (though I now seem to recall that
include-pattern will be implemented in a future version of Operator - is
that correct?)

However, there's an issue, in that any styles applied, intentionally, to
class="X" inside a uF will now also be applied to the element thus
classed, elsewhere on the page (most of the H2, on this page, is now

That's not a problem in this case, but may effect others.

Also, is there a way to concatenate values. For instance on that page, I
could blend:

        <span id="summaryB" class="summary">Kidderminster Branch Indoor

in the H2 with, say:

        <span id="summaryA>Janaury </span>

or the equivalent in the TH for each meeting, thuis:

        <object data="#summaryA+#sumamryB" class="include"


        <span class="include" style="display:none;">  [1]
           <object data="#summaryA">
           </object><object             <!-- Can't have white space ?-->

to give summaries of:

        January Kidderminster Branch Indoor Meeting

        February Kidderminster Branch Indoor Meeting

and so on, thus ensuring their uniqueness.

Or perhaps something similar with the name of the speaker at each event:

        Gerry Griffiths: Kidderminster Branch Indoor Meeting

        Graham Harrison: Kidderminster Branch Indoor Meeting

(If not, I'll add that to the wiki as a proposal)

[1] I'm assuming it's OK to use display:none for receptive use of text
which appears elsewhere on the page, as in this case.

Andy Mabbett

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