[uf-discuss] Use and abuse of rel tag

absalom at iinet.net.au absalom at iinet.net.au
Mon Jan 8 19:43:22 PST 2007

Tantek made a few comments a while back that Wordpress abuses the rel tag. I'm a
little concerned by this as I'm midway through building lots of social
networking software around the XFN and rel relationships..

So I'd like an example of good use and abuse.. just so I know what not to do..

The other issue I'm facing is that I would like to combine rel="tag" and the XFN
rel relationships (e.g muse, met) in a way that only references 1 URI (the URI
of the XFN relationship), whilst still being recognised by something like
Technorati (rel="tag"). I'm basing part of my work on what has been demonstrated
at connections.webdirections.org, where the XFN relationship is advertised, but
unfortunately, it doesn't have any visibility outside of that domain, *and* it
requires two sets of tag schemas (XFN, plus a seperate tagging structure on each

Is there any way of representing a unique URI inside two different rel
"structures" (XFN+tag) and still have it recognised by Technorati? 

Lawrence Meckan
Absalom Media

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