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Brian Suda brian.suda at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 06:20:05 PST 2007

On 1/9/07, absalom at iinet.net.au <absalom at iinet.net.au> wrote:
> The other issue I'm facing is that I would like to combine rel="tag" and the XFN
> rel relationships (e.g muse, met) in a way that only references 1 URI (the URI
> of the XFN relationship), whilst still being recognised by something like
> Technorati (rel="tag"). I'm basing part of my work on what has been demonstrated
> at connections.webdirections.org, where the XFN relationship is advertised, but
> unfortunately, it doesn't have any visibility outside of that domain, *and* it
> requires two sets of tag schemas (XFN, plus a seperate tagging structure on each
> user).
> Is there any way of representing a unique URI inside two different rel
> "structures" (XFN+tag) and still have it recognised by Technorati?

--- if we look at the webdirections site and select the person page
for John Allsopp:

At the bottom there is a list of people he knows and people that know
him. They are also links to the profile pages within the connections

If you were to attempt to add XFN and rel-tag to the same 'a' element
you would get something like:
<a href="/people/1234567" rel="contact tag">Jane Doe</a>

While that is VALID rel-tag and XFN, what you are saying is that the
owner of the page "john allsopp" has the contact information for Jane
Doe, and the current page about JOHN ALLSOPP should be tagged with
'1234567'. I think you are intending to say the 'jane doe' page should
be tagged with '1234567'.

So Technorati and others will correctly index the page, but i don't
think this is what you intended.

If you want to associate tags with a LINK, then you should considered
using xFolk, or the more robust hReview. This allows you to 'review' a
URL (the review portion is actually optional), and then associate tags
to that URL along with XFN.

So (if i understand what you are trying to do) you will need multiple
'a' elements, one for the XFN relationship and then 0-many for the
tags about that link.

Do you have a specific page you are looking for mark-up help with? if
so please send the URL and we can have a more concrete discussion
about do's and don'ts


brian suda

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