[uf-discuss] Inline style conflict?

Jonathan Williams jonathan.williams at nyu.edu
Thu Jan 11 09:12:55 PST 2007

On Jan 11, 2007, at 4:36 AM, Frances Berriman wrote:

> I've looked at this twice now and I can't see an obvious reason for
> the hCard to be incorrect.  There is on-going debate on whether hiding
> information is a good or bad idea, but the actual mark-up you've used
> is correct and I've no trouble at all parsing your card in Tails,
> Operator, etc.

Hi, I'm one of the people butting heads over this right now on the  
wiki as my hCard has a number of hidden fields. Just to clarify that  
the original issue (and the issue with my data) is over the hiding of  
individual fields.

I am of the opinion that field hiding via a class is ok, but via an  
inline style is inappropriate as if some naive hCard consuming  
application preserved tag attributes blindly (for some reason), this  
would live on. However, hcard-brainstorming#CSS_Styles seems to allow  
hiding fields in this way. As for hiding entire cards, hcard-examples- 
in-wild is full of them.

I have gotten a bit frustrated with the microformats.org process  
throughout this as people flagging my format as problematic have  
neglected to provide a justification for disallowing field hiding or  
a reference to a previous discussion of this issue. I hope that in  
the future we will have better process on the wiki.

Jonathan Williams
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