[uf-discuss] Inline style conflict?

Frances Berriman fberriman at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 01:38:39 PST 2007

On 11/01/07, Jonathan Williams
> I have gotten a bit frustrated with the microformats.org process
> throughout this as people flagging my format as problematic have
> neglected to provide a justification for disallowing field hiding or
> a reference to a previous discussion of this issue. I hope that in
> the future we will have better process on the wiki.

That's perfectly fair enough.  I think that those that move an item
into the "examples with problems" area should do so and *must* include
either an explanation of what the issue is (and ideally a resolution
for the issue) and/or a link to the relevant discussion or explanation
on the problem.

(So, if anyone has moved things, would they be so kind as to maybe go
back and jot down why they moved it, please?)

It's difficult for someone else to come along later and figure out why
it was moved, otherwise.

Frances Berriman

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