[uf-discuss] Microformat to describe a broadcast

Jeremy Keith jeremy at adactio.com
Sun Jan 14 09:31:58 PST 2007

Michael wrote:
> We're currently looking at using the event microformat on the  
> redesigned
> radio 4 schedule page (and possibly throughout bbc.co.uk/radio4)

That is fantastic news!

> And we're wondering if a network/service (BBC 1, Radio 4, Radio 1 etc)
> could be described as a "location"

IMHO, yes. I believe you could put "Radio 4" as the "location". It  
wouldn't be marked up as an hCard as a "real" physical location would  
but I think it's a valid value.

> Or whether we'd be better to push for a new MF to describe a
> broadcast!?!

Definitely not, in my opinion. It looks to me like hCalendar is  
perfect for describing a broadcast:

> Title
> Description
> Start time
> End time / duration
> Service (channel)

Swap "service" for "location" and you're good to go.



Jeremy Keith

a d a c t i o


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