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>> VCard defines ‘post office box’ as part of ADR. The spec [1] says
>>that it comes before ‘extended address’ in sequence, but then fails
>>to provide an example for it. As such hcard-examples also doesn't
>>provide an example.
>> What's the expected content in this field? Is it literally as-in
>>some UK addresses?
>> *PO Box 5674*
>> Enfield
>> London
>> SW2 1FE
>> Or is it supposed to just be the number? Or something else entirely?
>I don't think it's entirely clear. Personally, I'd agree with marking
>up the literal 'PO Box 5674' string with it.

The tests I apply in such cases, are:

        What would I type into my computer's address programme (or
        calendar, for hCal, and so on), if entering the details

        If I were to print an address label (to attach to a postal
        packet, say) what would I want my computer to output?

To me, those make it clear that the correct data is, in the example
given, "PO Box 5674"; note that other valid UK postal addresses might

        BFPO 1234

        Freepost ABCD

        Bin 21
        Acme Mail Services

all of which have "post-office-box" data as their first line.

Andy Mabbett


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