[uf-discuss] Microformats on index pages or detail pages or both?

Aaron Cole aaronc at stanford.edu
Tue Jan 16 14:57:13 PST 2007

I've been hearing about microformats for quite awhile now, but the  
concept finally clicked with me over the last few months.  I've since  
been adding hCard and hEvent markup whenever I can, but I've come  
onto a fundamental question.

Do I add microformat markup to index pages or to detail pages that  
provide more detail or both?

A "Staff" page which lists all the people in an organization would be  
an example of an "index" page, whereas the page you get to by  
clicking on one of the names would be the detail page.  Which page do  
I add the microformat to?

If the answer is both, then how will the user agent handle the  
differences?  (This last question may be just something to ponder.)

Thanks for indulging a newbie!


Web Developer
University Communications
Stanford University

aaronc at stanford.edu

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