[uf-discuss] Microformats on index pages or detail pages or both?

Tim Hodson hodson.tim at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 17 06:01:53 PST 2007

On 16/01/07, Aaron Cole <aaronc at stanford.edu> wrote:
> I've been hearing about microformats for quite awhile now, but the
> concept finally clicked with me over the last few months.  I've since
> been adding hCard and hEvent markup whenever I can, but I've come
> onto a fundamental question.
> Do I add microformat markup to index pages or to detail pages that
> provide more detail or both?
> A "Staff" page which lists all the people in an organization would be
> an example of an "index" page, whereas the page you get to by
> clicking on one of the names would be the detail page.  Which page do
> I add the microformat to?
> If the answer is both, then how will the user agent handle the
> differences?  (This last question may be just something to ponder.)

If the user agent is a browser that is only looking at one page at a
time, it will only see one set of hcard for the person.  Not a

If the user agent is a bot, then the owner of the bot will have to
consider how they dedupe/disambiguate the data that the bot has found.
 After all a person may have contact details on more then one
webpage/site, i.e. a homepage or a page with details of a conference
event or work contact page...

Tim Hodson

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