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Joe Andrieu joe at andrieu.net
Wed Jan 17 09:24:20 PST 2007

Michael McCracken wrote:
> Looking at the examples on citation-examples, I find the 
> following frequencies of marking up a date:
> publication date: 21
> date accessed: 3
> date copyrighted: 1 (from OCLC worldcat online)

Actually, date accessed has at least three more examples:

However, they use "retrieved" rather than accessed, although it is the
same meaning.

> I just added date-accessed to the working straw schema.


> Certainly all three are useful, but can we find more examples 
> for the last two? I'd be more comfortable having a 'date 
> copyrighted' field in the uf if there was more than one 
> real-world example on the wiki.

What would be the right way to make the "retrieved" and "accessed"
labels as synonymous?


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