[uf-discuss] [hCite] dates

M. Jackson Wilkinson jackw-uf at jounce.net
Wed Jan 17 09:34:29 PST 2007

Brian Suda wrote:
 >> publication date: 21
 >> date accessed: 3
 >> date copyrighted: 1 (from OCLC worldcat online)
 > --- the other senario is to strip this down to the basics for a
 > version 1 and NOT include those lesser used dates, then use hCite for
 > awhile, see what falls down and itterate?

I'm confident that we could come up with other examples of "date 
accessed" use in the wild, as it's very much a requirement of academic 
citations of potentially-transient resources, such as web pages, 
regardless of that page's likelihood to change.

I haven't seen much need for "date-copyrighted," so I'd second removing 
that one from an initial spec.

 > There was the same discussion awhile about about how to mark-up
 > "Fall", "Spring", ... Then there is the weird senario in the UK where
 > some Magazines come-out a month before their publication date.

This is the case with many American magazines to which I subscribe as 
well, for what it's worth.


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