[uf-discuss] Aggregation of vevents in vcalendar [newbie]

Chris Newell chris.newell at rd.bbc.co.uk
Thu Jan 18 04:46:56 PST 2007


My work concerns TV & Radio schedules so I was immediately attracted to the hCalendar microformat.

My first impression is that the vevent element appears to provide a comprehensive representation of individual events but the vcalendar element provides a very limited functionality. To quote the hCalendar spec:

"Authors may explicitly use elements with class="vcalendar" to wrap sets of vevents that all belong to the same calendar, e.g. when publishing multiple calendars on the same page."

This suggests that vcalendar can be used to group events that are related to each other e.g. they form a schedule. However, no descriptive metadata properties have been defined for vcalendar, which apply to the calendar as a whole (e.g. schedule name, description etc) rather than the individual events.

The iCalendar spec (RFC2445) provides a precedent for vcalendar properties but the few it defines aren't terribly useful. Were vcalendar properties ever considered in the past (I can't find any discussion in the archive) and would a proposal be considered?


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